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Why I Love My Trek 

“I like my bike because I go to places I have never been before. I see things differently than a driver. I go at my own pace. I’m a weekend warrior who puts his trust in the bike and the bike responds. During the summer months I travel over 3000km on my Trek and it keeps on rolling. Trust—that is what I have in it. I trust it to get me where I’m going and to get me home. And I like turning heads as I go by. It’s not just a good bike by a good company, but the staff at the Aurora store always take the time to talk to me at my level.”

                                                   —Robb Straith

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Road Riding: What’s the Optimal Tire Pressure?

We all love free speed and optimizing your tire pressure can give you just that!

What’s the Ideal Tire Pressure For your Hybrid?

Stay safe and ride fast and comfortably with the optimal tire pressure!

Maximize Your Mountain Bike Tire Pressure

How the invention of tubeless tires made mountain biking faster, safer, and a lot more enjoyable.

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Riding With Your Significant Other

Find out the secret to happy rides with your partner.

 By Jeremy Simmons

To Strava or Not to Strava?

While many Strava lovers will proclaim: “If it's not on Strava, it doesn't count,” there are still many cyclists who don’t love the idea of everyone else being privy to their personal whereabouts and training, and who simply prefer working hard without getting caught up in numbers.

By Barry Near

Why I Love My Trek 

Check out Rob Verrilli’s stunning ride from the Aurora store!

By Rob Verrilli