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What’s the Ideal Tire Pressure For your Hybrid?

What is a hybrid bike exactly? Simply put, it is a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike. The geometry is designed to combine the potential speed of a road bike but without the aggressive forward position. Thanks to the flat handlebar you’d find on a mountain bike, a hybrid enables a more upright fit, giving you the best of both worlds. Hybrids are ideal for all-purpose rides over a wide variety of terrain, making them excellent for commuting.

As its own distinct bike, it also has its own optimal tire pressure for achieving maximum speed and comfort. Tire pressure is conveyed in pounds per square inch or “psi”. Hybrids use a slightly wider tire than road bikes and a slightly narrower tire than mountain bikes. Very often, riders run their tires with far too little air pressure in them. This, in turn, wears down the tire prematurely and causes damage to the rim. It can also be dangerous as too low tire pressure can compromise bike handling. Stay safe and ride fast and comfortably with the optimal tire pressure!


Below are the recommended tire pressures for different size hybrid tires. Check the size of your hybrid tire (located on the side of the tire) and match it to the appropriate psi below.

700c Hybrid Tires using inner tubes

700 x 32c tire size  =  70psi

700 x 35c tire size  =  60psi

700 x 40c tire size  =  55psi

700 x 45c tire size  =  50psi

Most pumps have an air pressure gauge, so be sure to optimize your psi before every ride!